Working in corporates, I never got a chance to systematically learn Art. So here I am teaching myself the tools of trade and sharing them with you for that inner artist in you too!! 

Few things excite me more than the sensory experience of art – the smell of an old studio, a new canvas, the buttery feel of oil paint under a palette knife, the soothing stroked of a charcoal stick or the juicy splatter of acrylic paint. The materials alone hold a special place in my hear, representing possibilities, adventure and a chance to live in the moment.

I am grateful to have the access to diverse scope of materials ever available. With so many options for a beginner like me, pose a risk of overlooking essentials and clearly understanding the nuance of the tools. This blog will be my reference book aiming to provide simplicity to the process. Hope this toolkit allows me to start a collection of materials because my evolution to a seasoned artist is represented in my ever expanding studio. I’m truly pushing beyond my comfort zone. Ultimately, the goal is to team myself and share the knowledge and power to express.

I will also be calling out for some amazing artists that I find along the way so make sure you follow the blog to explore and discover!

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